Conferences and Corporate Events

You may think that one of your staff members can MC your conference or corporate event, until you see the small differences the experience of Mark brings that makes you realise the importance of having him be a part of your event.

Having specialised in Corporate Events for many years, Mark realises that the overall quality of your event can come down to the quality of your host or MC. The MC has the power to create or drain energy from the room, create a buzz of excitement before each key moment and help control the flow of the event. If you create some unique key moments early in the event, people will already have had a wonderful experience before your key-note presentations commence.

Mark makes sure that your delegates are not be bored or unaware of what is happening next, but are fully informed of the order of events and when they are occurring. His experiences across a range of fields helps to create synergy between presentations and tie everything back together at the end of the day.

Mark improves the overall delegate experience at your event by undertaking the following:


Mark personally meets his clients and covers the entire event in detail, ensuring everything important is covered. He can play as big a part or small a part as you like in the preparation and organisation of your event and can assist by recommending timelines, suggesting ways to enhance the event and provide you with suggestions you may not have heard that can create a unique feel. This organisation carries throughout the event because he has a clear indication of how the event should run and what your expectations are. He will also work closely with the function manager at the venue to ensure a smooth flow of events.


Mark has hosted many corporate events and created unique ways of doing even the most standard formalities.

He likes to get an understanding of what it is that the host of the event does in order to fully appreciate the subject matter and purpose of the event to enhance his presentation and engage with the delegates to ensure they get the maximum benefit out of the event.


Some of the things Mark does is because he has the experience and specialises in corporate events. This includes ensuring:

  • All key people are recognised
  • pronunciation of names
  • maximising sponsors exposure
  • assisting in having delegates back from breaks on time


Your staff member will do the job for you, however it all depends on how you want it done. Many inexperienced staff MCs simply did not understand the role, are often nervous and make mistakes during key moments.

A staff member should remain exactly that…… a staff member. The reality is that everyone wants time to speak with members of your staff at the event as it may be the only time throughout the year that delegates attending the conference can see your staff face to face.

The difference that Mark provides is that he will provide the professionalism that you need of a quality MC whilst learning about your business, goal and purpose of your event to ensure everything is linked in to ensure the right tempo, style and atmosphere is created for you. Mark is an experienced MC who is there to provide the X-Factor to your next corporate event.